CHRYSO®Optima 1000 Technology

Last generation superplasticisers, meeting the requirements of major construction projects and offering new sets of performances that were previously beyond reach.

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 Technology

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 Technology is a flexible solution that adapts to project specifications. A range designed for specific performances:

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 product offer is an answer to the requirements of major construction projects.

  • Long distance pumpability
  • Long workability retention
  • Water reduction (Up to 50%)
  • Robustness
  • Cohesive concrete & Easy placement

Flexible and adaptable to the specifications of your various projects, the CHRYSO®Optima 1000 technology offers cost/performance optimization.

High pumpability

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 technology allows long distance pumping beyond 500 meters horizontally and 200 meters vertically.

  • Logistical flexibility
  • Shorter truck immobilization: more deliveries per truck
  • Longer equipment service life
  • Greater pumping distances achievable with equivalent equipment

Long workability retention

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 technology offers 3 to 8 hour workability to meet the needs of complex construction sites (dense urban areas; geographic remoteness; high temperatures).

  • Fast placement
  • Achievement of the expected performance
  • Consistent slump achievement (facilitates Quality Control)
  • 100% concrete specifications guaranteed 
  • Increase the serviceable market reachable for the concrete plant

Robustness and Early strength

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 Technology provides excellent mechanical strength at early age and 28 days.

  • Production adjustments reduction (aggregates; cement)
  • Fast achievement of design strength
  • Facilitates the use of less reactive cementitious materials
  • Optimum performance for climbing formwork
  • Form release in all types of weather, even winter temperatures